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The genesis for this site is that I am looking for a job and believe that a resume simply isn’t enough – how can you possibly fit a lifetime of experience in two pages?  (I managed and you can see a copy here.)
Using my resume as a foundation, I’ve created pages dedicated to previous roles and examples of my work.  The “Work Index” groups these by category (press releases, coverage and projects) as well some additional information.  I’ve added a few extra’s such as “Distractions” and “Adventures in PR” under “Misc.” to provide a little color.  Please dig in and if you like what you see or would like to set up some time to chat, you can use the contact button above.

I am a person who is creative, naturally curious and loves to challenge myself (see “Distractions” for some examples).  I studied and worked in video production, enjoyed a stint in magazine publishing, supported my computer habit through freelance graphic design, and ultimately found my calling in public relations.  My PR career began in the gaming industry where I launched more than 70 titles and was part of the team that brought Sony PlayStation to North America.  I relocated to Seattle to join an online payments company, was recruited to establish the PR department for the Home Loans Group at Washington Mutual, did some consulting work and most recently worked with an online search and advertising company.
My passions include family, travel, digital video/photography, technology (I recently built a hackintosh and a home server which I use to host this site - more info here), cars, and remodeling our home.

College - Cal-Poly Pomona, BS Communications
Crown City Plating - Video production & marketing
Quill Publishing - Associate Publisher of three computer magazines
Interplay Productions - How I found my calling in PR
Sony Imagesoft and the life of Johnny
PlayStation comes to America
eCharge - ePayments for eCommerce
Washington Mutual - Life & times in the mortgage world
Consulting - Hanging up my own shingle
Marchex - Online search and advertising

Every company and every job is different but if I were to develop a core list of characteristics that I would like in my next role they would touch aspects of the following:
Passion – Role would not only ignite my passion but I’d like my colleagues to be equally passionate about what they do.  What fundamentally triggers “passion” in me?  Making a difference in people’s lives.  Yeah, it’s a bit of a cliché but the reality is if you go to work each morning knowing that you can make someone’s life better it makes it a lot easier to get up when the alarm clock rings.  My personal passions include: family, friendships, technology (hardware/software), cars, photography & videography and creativity to name a few.
Challenge – Public relations involves a lot of blocking and tackling – these are the tools of our trade – and while it can get a little rote from time-to-time, I do enjoy it.   But I also love a good challenge; securing phenomenal placement, writing a great release, turning an “influential” from a cynic to a believer, coming up with and running with a creative idea as part of a campaign, or learning a new product, business initiative or a whole new business (heck, I went from video games to dot com to mortgage banking!).
Culture – There’s a lot to be said about culture after all you often spend more time with colleagues during the week than with your own family so it helps if you get along!  But at the core of culture is “doing the right thing” and knowing that your actions and decisions as well as those of your co-workers are about doing what’s right for the customer, your colleagues and the business.
Contribution – Everyone wants to feel that they are of value to the organization and I’m no different.  Fortunately in PR you often have an article or online hit to point to.  But as a creative and smart person, I have many ideas beyond my functional responsibility and it’s fun to get involved with other areas of the business.  And I don’t do anything using “seagull” management; I am a roll-up my sleeves, jump right in and get what needs to be done, done.
Rewarding – This is not about looking for a pat-on-the-back… It’s about doing work that ignites your passion, working with super-smart, passionate people who are also about doing the right thing, feeling challenged and knowing that you’re making a difference in your role... It’s about going home at the end of the day proud of what you’ve done and eager to head back to work the next day.  
Balance – I have a phenomenal family and my personal life is equally important to me.  While PR can often be a 24/7/365 job as long as I can have some quality time away from the office, I’m good.
These are not hard and fast rules... These are generalizations that I hope help you gain a better understanding of who I am, what makes me tick and what I’m looking for.
Contact me and let’s see if there’s a fit.

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